Freedom Rally 2019

February 26, 2019

Waking up today, I was still in awe of yesterday’s turnout. The count is estimated at 1300 – 1900 in attendance, and that was with the majority of southern Minnesota snowed in and unable to attend.

I never intended to be a part of this fight. Even after my child had a seizure and stopped breathing in my arms after receiving the MMR, I was ok with with staying in the background and remaining quiet. As long as my family had the right to make our own medical decisions with our Dr, I was fine with just quietly living my life.

Then in CA, Senator Pan chose to remove my rights as a parent when he introduced SB277. And I jumped into this fight head first. He made a huge mistake, because he woke a sleeping giant. So many of us were ok with remaining quiet, even though we were aware of the risks of vaccinating. So this is my thank you to Senator Pan. Look at what you’ve done. You have awoken mama and papa bears all across the country and we are getting louder every single day. We are not backing down, we are not going away. In your attempt to silence us and remove our rights, you have awoken us and we get stronger by the minute.

Our family came to Minnesota after we finished working on the referendum in CA. And I am so blessed to have found such an amazing tribe here. Seriously, look at all these courageous men and women out here fighting to keep our parental rights intact. Look at our amazing and fearless legislators who continuously rise to the occasion and fight. They aren’t afraid and they don’t back down. Because these are men & women with true integrity ❤️🇺🇸❤️

These bills are not about being pro or anti vax. Those are ridiculous terms coined by the media and pharmaceutical companies to create a divide, so that we focus on fighting each other instead of focusing on fighting overreaching legislation and finding truth. I don’t care if you follow the CDC schedule and get every single vaccine, or if you skip a few, or maybe do a delayed schedule, or if you choose to skip all, these bills affect you. You have the right to make the choices for your family. Why on earth would anyone want the government taking away their choices for their child, on any level, especially a medical decision? That is between you and your Dr., nobody else. Please, pay attention to what’s happening across our country and get involved. These are our children and and our rights.

I am honored to be on the board of Health Choice Minnesota, a 501c3 organization. I am blessed to have such amazing colleagues who put in countless hours and lose more sleep than any person should ever have to. I am blessed to be part of such an enormous, fearless, supportive & caring community. Our community truly is amazing. Words cant give justice to the way I feel about our community. I would like to thank Physicians for Informed Consent for working around the clock for our children as well, and being a tremendous support to Minnesota. Thank you to each and every single person that is fighting for our kids. I can’t possibly tag you all, there’s too many of us.


Health Choice Minnesota Executive Board Member