Natural Supplements, Be aware

If you use herbs, essential oils, supplements (vitamin and minerals), and/or compounds, or make or sell them, even from your garden, the FDA is currently undergoing hearings to determine the fate of 68 substances commonly used by herbalists, such as astragalus extract, nettle leaf, and tea tree oil.

Even B12 methylcobalamin, the best form that the body can utilize, could be eliminated which then will stop detoxification or make it more difficult.

In addition, 242 additional substances were deemed unworthy of a hearing, placed on a Category 3 list, and will become illegal to compound if this FDA process is enacted as a federal rule (Anderson, 2019). These include alfalfa, anise seed, Chinese rhubarb, dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), grapeseed oil, ginger root powder, Ginkgo biloba extract, cedarwood essential oil, Jamaican dogwood (Piscidia erythrina), mullein, myrrh tincture, parsley, passionflower extract, peppermint oil, pine tar, pipsissewa, psyllium, sage oil, saw palmetto, and uva ursi extract.