No Shots, No School, Not True!

Vaccines are NOT mandatory in Minnesota. Records OR exemptions are what’s required to enroll in daycare or school (kindergarten & 7th grade). You will need a notarized statement if you wish to delay or decline any vaccine(s). Homeschoolers are also required to file records or exemptions at first year of reporting (age 7 by October 1) and again at 7th grade.. You may use the state form, write your own OR use our template for SOME or ALL vaccinations.

Full Statute:

Also, did you know that Minnesota is one of only a few states that requires by law that you be informed of these exemption rights on EVERY written resource on “immunization requirements”? It must be in at least the same sized font on the same page as whatever requirement they are trying to serve you with. Additionally, every immunization provider is supposed to give you a list of immunizations required for school/daycare, a description of the exemptions available and the Vaccine Information Sheet from Federal DHS.

Subd. 3a.Disclosures required:

Last Session legislation was filed to REMOVE this right for ALL Minnesota children. Please stay connected here and on facebook for updates.