A Letter to the Churches

If church isn’t your thing – that’s fine – but many are battling the discrimination and pressure on this home front too. This is a letter written to a Minnesota church, feel free to borrow what helps: 

Dear Church, Brothers and Sisters in Christ; 

I’ve had something heavy weighing on my heart that I feel needs shared. I’ve been mulling over for months how to do this without offending anyone or shutting down a conversation before it ever starts (the topic I will broach here has that effect on people) but I’m believing for open hearts and some miracles to be heard as I intend this. I actually wrote this whole letter and then when searching for the perfect verse to close it out with my eyes fell on this passage from 1st Corinthians: 

“I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind.” 

My heart skipped- that’s it. That’s the whole point right there. It’s not the conclusion- it’s the beginning. So I started over. It all boils down to unifying the body of Christ and not letting the world divide us. 

I’m writing this on behalf of a large number of families in America, in our own cities, in our own churches, that have been divided out of society. Away from us. Segregated. Literally and figuratively. They are physically battered, emotionally hurting, scorned, rejected, dismissed, abused and legally oppressed ……all these things until they’ve lost connection with everything around them and forced to stay afloat and fight a daily battle to save their families, alone. Sometimes they are even outright hunted by the world and sometimes….most tragically, even by the church that should be their safe haven. 

Over a million children whose families have made choices for their family that are not United States government approved. As a result, faces are splashed across the news, they are labeled as threats that should be jailed, abusers who should have their children taken from them, ticking time bombs ready to wipe out the nation, LAWS. MUST. BE. PASSED. NOW! And sadly, some laws HAVE been passed literally segregating them from their rights to equal education and employment. Sounds heavy right? Horrific? What in the world could I be talking about? Am I exaggerating? 

I REALLY wish I was. I am talking about the families that for personal, religious or health reasons have decided to delay, selectively or not vaccinate according to the government schedule. Yep, I went there, I said the word VACCINE. Breathe. Take a deep breath and hear me out, please? 

I’m not talking about YOUR choices to vaccinate or not, nor am I trying to change your mind on what you should do. I am introducing you to a hurting people. Who need YOU. 

Over the last few years, quite unexpectedly, I have found myself one of them. I didn’t plan it but after my children suffered vaccine reactions that most of the medical community would rather ignore, we finally did the research and prayer we should have done over a decade before when we started our family. In this time God has led me on an incredible journey of research and opportunities to help others going through similar circumstances. I’ve been a part of leading groups and pages ranging from several hundred locally to 30,000+ parents worldwide at any one time. I’ve been to the state capitol, talked with legislators, served on committees, consulted doctors, immunologists, epidemiologists, PHDs, etc… Through all of this have observed some things that I want to share with you:

Families who delay or decline vaccinations are intelligent, well researched and can provide documentation to support our choices. We are not ignorant, hasty, stupid, or selfish or any other label the media seems content on using to make this issue an us against you scenario.

The majority of families declining vaccinations, once vaccinated until us or our child(ren) were injured. And we will live with those injuries every day for the rest of our lives- assuming we survived the initial reaction. Not all do. 

Families are often terrified of people knowing any of this about us because of the stigma and anger on the topic. You may think you don’t know anyone injured or declining vaccines but ….. I guarantee you, you do and they may just not feel safe enough to talk about it because they have been attacked in the past. 

Just a few of the reasons a family would delay, selectively or decline vaccinations. You don’t have to agree with them, they just are some of our WHYs: 

Personally injured previously by vaccines 

Child injured by vaccines 

Child died from vaccines 


Autoimmune conditions 

Genetic conditions 


Cancer risk 

Being philosophically opposed to toxic ingredients 

Vegetarians and vegans against animal byproducts 

Religiously unable to partake of Old Testament unclean animal byproducts 

Morally opposed to the aborted fetuses use in ongoing vaccine manufacturing 

Ideologically of the mind God created us whole 

Cost/Benefit analysis 

Immune system function 

Just personal research 

etc… etc…. etc….. 

What can YOU do? It’s nice to be “aware” and all… but what can make this better? You can: 

If you want to know details of why, ask. We don’t bite. If you don’t want to know, that’s fine as long as you can respect and love us anyway. 

Listen. Listen. Listen some more. Even if you don’t want to talk about our ‘research details’ don’t let that translate into not talking to us at all. 

Don’t dismiss our experience just because it wasn’t YOUR experience. The only thing worse than enduring the seizures, brain damage, anaphylaxis, autoimmune conditions, disability or…. even a death after vaccination is being told you are a liar and then promptly ignored while you struggle to survive. Can you imagine going through an inquisition upon reporting an antibiotic reaction? And then every time thereafter you are sick, both doctors and the people around you question your sanity and consider you a threat because you “won’t” take penicillin? You selfish jerk! Sounds fun, right?

Don’t disappear when the topic of vaccines or injury comes up. The government database contains over 720,000 injuries ranging from allergic reactions to permanent disability to death and everything in between. A government commissioned study found less that 1% are ever reported.. It happens. When it does we need help not judgment. 

Not just “don’t disappear”, but please actively support. Tangibly. In prayer and any ministry you can connect us with. Find a mentor in the church, an older couple to just be friends to them. This road is lonely and stressful and typical friends will flee as soon as the going gets tough. Find or be a friend for us. 

Consider a special needs ministry and adaptations for your church. The population that need it is growing at an alarming rate. This population is leaving the church because they don’t fit anymore.

Don’t take part in the media shaming, even if it slides in under a Christian headline as several magazines have done in the last year. The minute you do, you have likely hurt their feelings on a level you may never comprehend…. and are no longer a safe place for them. Guard your hearts from the prejudice the world wishes to instill and never forget it’s directed at real people, loving parents like you.

and…. STAND UP

Stand with us. 

Stand with us against the abuse and stand with us against the state and federal mandates wishing to force mandatory vaccination. There are now FIVE states in the USA that have removed all religious exemptions from their citizens and there is an active bill here in MN seeking to do the same.

Even if you vaccinate, you and I both deserve the right to evaluate the schedule, ingredients and our faith and come to a decision on what’s best for our family. Maybe that’s a full 72+ dose CDC schedule for one person, maybe it’s a 30 dose schedule for another, maybe it’s zero for some. Maybe you just want your freedom as those 609 vaccines (not a typo) in current approvals start to roll out- maybe they aren’t all a good fit for you. No matter what, the state should NOT be telling us how many and when and they should NOT be telling us we can’t say no to a medical procedure. They should NOT be allowed to deny basic public services based on our individualized needs or beliefs. If a christian baker can’t deny a homosexual couple a CAKE in the name of tolerance, HOW in the world is it conceivable to deny access to doctors, schools, jobs, daycares etc…. because of faith choices or research on what medicines you personally take? 

Tyranny is running at full speed and much of the church is getting swept up into it. It’s dividing us… driving some from the church that should be there for them….keeping some from being resources to others going through what they have. It’s unintentionally abusing people very dear to me when it should be not only supporting but leading the fight to protect them. Us. Me. You. 

Do you want to continue this conversation? Not sure about something said and want more answers? Please contact us if we can help. We can handle the tough questions you may have and we are there to help you support those in your churches who are walking alone right now. We’d also love to connect with you if you want to make a move towards supporting medical freedom and parental rights.. 

We need you.