No Shots, No School, Not True!

Vaccines are NOT mandatory in Minnesota. Records OR exemptions are what’s required to enroll in daycare or school (kindergarten & 7th grade). You will need a notarized statement if you wish to delay or decline any vaccine(s). Homeschoolers are also required to file records or exemptions at first year of reporting (age 7 by October 1) and again at 7th grade.. You may use the state form, write your own OR use our template for SOME or ALL vaccinations.

Full Statute:

Also, did you know that Minnesota is one of only a few states that requires by law that you be informed of these exemption rights on EVERY written resource on “immunization requirements”? It must be in at least the same sized font on the same page as whatever requirement they are trying to serve you with. Additionally, every immunization provider is supposed to give you a list of immunizations required for school/daycare, a description of the exemptions available and the Vaccine Information Sheet from Federal DHS.

Subd. 3a.Disclosures required:

Last Session legislation was filed to REMOVE this right for ALL Minnesota children. Please stay connected here and on facebook for updates.

Religious Discrimination in the workplace victory!

The EEOC announced that it reached a $74,418 settlement with a hospital in Owosso, Michigan, to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit the agency had filed under Title VII against the hospital in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Lack of breastfeeding costs global economy nearly $1B every day.

“A new website developed by researchers in Canada and Asia showed that the world could have saved $341 billion each year if mothers breastfeed their children for longer, helping prevent early deaths and various diseases… But only 40 per cent of infants under six months are exclusively breastfed globally, while 820,000 child deaths could be avoided each year if the recommendation is followed, it said.”

The Lawsuits Are Coming

“I’m currently litigating against the four companies that make all 72 vaccines currently mandated for American children via CDC recommendations. All four of these companies are convicted felons who have paid $35 billion since 2009 for lying to and defrauding regulators and doctors in order to promote their pharmaceutical products. Our trial team coalition includes the country’s largest plaintiffs firms- all of them veterans of the Monsanto litigation. These firms have won the largest pharmaceutical cases in history. It’s not surprising that we have uncovered proof that the four Vaccine makers’ fraudulent and reckless conduct with their other pharmaceutical products pales in comparison to their crimes in testing, manufacturing, and marketing vaccines, since, in this arena alone, they are immune from liability. We can now show with scientific certainty that certain vaccines- DTap, DTP, Hep B- are killing and injuring far more children than were ever harmed by the diseases they are marketed to prevent. This information will soon be public. It would be good for you to see it before you mandate these shots for children. I’m happy to share it in person with you and your staff and whatever experts you choose to include.”

Sincerely, Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Russian Orthodox Church Supports Freedom

FILE PHOTO. © Global Look Press / West Coast Surfer

“First and foremost, concern for the welfare of children, including their health, is entrusted by God to their parents. The state and society should respect the priority of parental rights.”

“It is well known that, along with the risk of infectious diseases, there is also a risk of serious complications — even death — as a result of prophylactic vaccination. In such a situation, it is the patient himself who should make the choice. In the case of a child, the parents should make the choice . . . . No one has the right to make this choice for them . . .”

– Statement issued by Russian Orthodox Church

Natural Supplements, Be aware

If you use herbs, essential oils, supplements (vitamin and minerals), and/or compounds, or make or sell them, even from your garden, the FDA is currently undergoing hearings to determine the fate of 68 substances commonly used by herbalists, such as astragalus extract, nettle leaf, and tea tree oil.

Even B12 methylcobalamin, the best form that the body can utilize, could be eliminated which then will stop detoxification or make it more difficult.

In addition, 242 additional substances were deemed unworthy of a hearing, placed on a Category 3 list, and will become illegal to compound if this FDA process is enacted as a federal rule (Anderson, 2019). These include alfalfa, anise seed, Chinese rhubarb, dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), grapeseed oil, ginger root powder, Ginkgo biloba extract, cedarwood essential oil, Jamaican dogwood (Piscidia erythrina), mullein, myrrh tincture, parsley, passionflower extract, peppermint oil, pine tar, pipsissewa, psyllium, sage oil, saw palmetto, and uva ursi extract.

Freedom Rally 2019

February 26, 2019

Waking up today, I was still in awe of yesterday’s turnout. The count is estimated at 1300 – 1900 in attendance, and that was with the majority of southern Minnesota snowed in and unable to attend.

I never intended to be a part of this fight. Even after my child had a seizure and stopped breathing in my arms after receiving the MMR, I was ok with with staying in the background and remaining quiet. As long as my family had the right to make our own medical decisions with our Dr, I was fine with just quietly living my life.

Then in CA, Senator Pan chose to remove my rights as a parent when he introduced SB277. And I jumped into this fight head first. He made a huge mistake, because he woke a sleeping giant. So many of us were ok with remaining quiet, even though we were aware of the risks of vaccinating. So this is my thank you to Senator Pan. Look at what you’ve done. You have awoken mama and papa bears all across the country and we are getting louder every single day. We are not backing down, we are not going away. In your attempt to silence us and remove our rights, you have awoken us and we get stronger by the minute.

Our family came to Minnesota after we finished working on the referendum in CA. And I am so blessed to have found such an amazing tribe here. Seriously, look at all these courageous men and women out here fighting to keep our parental rights intact. Look at our amazing and fearless legislators who continuously rise to the occasion and fight. They aren’t afraid and they don’t back down. Because these are men & women with true integrity ❤️🇺🇸❤️

These bills are not about being pro or anti vax. Those are ridiculous terms coined by the media and pharmaceutical companies to create a divide, so that we focus on fighting each other instead of focusing on fighting overreaching legislation and finding truth. I don’t care if you follow the CDC schedule and get every single vaccine, or if you skip a few, or maybe do a delayed schedule, or if you choose to skip all, these bills affect you. You have the right to make the choices for your family. Why on earth would anyone want the government taking away their choices for their child, on any level, especially a medical decision? That is between you and your Dr., nobody else. Please, pay attention to what’s happening across our country and get involved. These are our children and and our rights.

I am honored to be on the board of Health Choice Minnesota, a 501c3 organization. I am blessed to have such amazing colleagues who put in countless hours and lose more sleep than any person should ever have to. I am blessed to be part of such an enormous, fearless, supportive & caring community. Our community truly is amazing. Words cant give justice to the way I feel about our community. I would like to thank Physicians for Informed Consent for working around the clock for our children as well, and being a tremendous support to Minnesota. Thank you to each and every single person that is fighting for our kids. I can’t possibly tag you all, there’s too many of us.


Health Choice Minnesota Executive Board Member

Not Medically Accepted

By, Sarah Dillingham

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, Catie Clobes of Howard Lake, Minnesota brought her normal, healthy 6-month-old baby girl Evee Gayle Clobes to her well-baby checkup, whereupon the pediatrician declared her to be in “perfect health” with no problems or concerns. After Evee was examined by her pediatrician, the nurse administered the standard 6-month doses of Pertussis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Polio, and Pneumococcal vaccines via Prevnar and Pediarix injections. On the evening of Thursday February 28th, Evee was unusually sleepy when Ms. Clobes put her to bed on her back, and checked her at approximately 11:00 p.m. On Friday March 1st at 7:00 a.m., Ms. Clobes discovered her daughter on her back, lifeless and not breathing, and called 911. Evee was rushed to Buffalo Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

The Anoka County Medical Examiner assured Ms. Clobes on the day of her daughter’s death that “every test” would be performed, and confirmed that the vaccines administered approximately 36 hours prior to her death would definitely be investigated as a possible cause. The medical officer told her that infant deaths were taken very seriously, and she trusted that.

When Ms. Clobes followed up with the Medical Examiner’s Office in subsequent weeks to confirm that necessary tests were being performed to definitively confirm or rule out vaccine injury, including tests to measure critical proteins, enzymes, serum levels of adjuvants, and markers for inflammation, she was told that “it’s not medically necessary, there is no medical reasoning, and it’s not medically approved.” She was informed that vaccines are not a “medically accepted” cause of death and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, defined as the unexplained death of an otherwise healthy infant) would appear on Evee’s autopsy report as the determined cause of death.

Evee’s family finds this determination unacceptable in absence of complete data. With the help of friends in their surrounding community, the Clobes family launched a fundraiser to commission a private pathologist and have currently raised the money needed to perform the neuropathological study at an accredited independent lab. Evee’s family is actively working through their grief to understand the cause of Evee’s death and learn why the County Medical Examiner’s Office refuses to carry out its duty in this investigation. They have one request of their fellow citizens: Remember Evee and ensure that she and so many other victims of SIDS are treated with care and dignity by their doctors, the CDC, and the Medical Examiner’s Office.

No family should discover in their grief following the death of a loved one that the Medical Examiner’s Office refuses to investigate all possible causes of their loved one’s death, and be left to bear the burden of privately commissioning an adequate and thorough medical examination. When a patient dies after receiving any medical procedure, prescription or over-the-counter drug, or if there is any indication of recreational drug use or accidental injury, comprehensive tests are performed to confirm or rule out any and all of these potential causes of death. Vaccination is the only frequently indicated potential cause of death for which comprehensive tests are not performed to confirm or rule it out.

There has been an average of 25 SIDS deaths per year in Minnesota over the past decade, and 1,777 SIDS deaths per year nationally.* Despite years of research and countless thousands of private and public dollars committed to investigating the cause these deaths, little progress has been made in understanding them. Willful refusal to run necessary standard tests which could provide valuable scientific data and bring closure and solace to grieving families is unconscionable and inexplicable.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) is a taxpayer-funded federal program established in 1986 to compensate victims of vaccine injuries and their families, which allows a maximum compensation amount of $250,000 for deaths caused by vaccination. The NVICP and the Institute of Medicine, as well as thousands of privately conducted peer-reviewed scientific studies confirm that vaccine injuries can and do cause injuries and deaths in some people. Failure to adequately conduct standard tests which measure scientifically established markers of vaccine injury denies families access to the compensation, closure, and information they deserve.

*Statistics extracted from the CDC Wonder database 2008-2017; data includes SIDS deaths only and does not consider other SUID cases.

If you wish to support the Clobes Family in their journey for #JusticeForEvee, we are accepting donations on their behalf to fund legal fees as well as public education and support campaigns. We accept Paypal & checks. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.