Did you know that every single prescription drug in America comes with a manufacturer’s packaging insert? Literature about the medication being given including ingredients, administration instructions, side effects, reported adverse events, safety study information, contraindications, etc… 

Yet vaccines are the ONLY drug in America were they are not required by law to give you this literature. Instead they give you a pretty colored single sheet of paper called a vaccine information sheet (VIS) which is the CDC’s short summary of what they think you need to know. This is NOT the manufacturer insert and does not contain everything you need to know. Please research each one before consenting so that you are fully informed. 

All Vaccine Manufacturer inserts are accessible online here:

All Vaccine Information Sheets are accessible online here:

All labeled vaccine ingredients can be found online here:
(Be aware that mediums listed can have up to 30 ingredients of their own so you may need to research them as well for allergens)

This link is to a calculator where you can figure out the amounts of various ingredients for various vaccine schedule options:

This link lists some of the allergens that may be lurking behind other names in various vaccines: