Alpha News MN:

SF 1520, authored by Senator Chris Eaton (DFL- Brooklyn Center), removes language in Minnesota law that allows parents to have conscientious objections to vaccinating their children. The proposed deletion of the current Minnesota language would also not allow for families to choose their own vaccination schedule.

“If we start putting the government in between family discussions that are so important, what else is the government going to start telling families they can do?” Sen. Eichhorn asked in response to the proposed legislation. Rep. Munson echoed these sentiments at the rally by saying that opposing this bill “is about drawing the line of government to stop covering people to do things they do not want to do.”

Sen. Matthews commented how families from all over Minnesota gathered and filled all three floors of the Capitol Rotunda on Feb. 26. Angie Gallagher, Co-Chair of Health Choice Minnesota and State Coordinator of ParentalRights.Org, told Alpha News that their initial attendance count was 1,300 but they had upwards of 1,900 in reality.

The bill fits in with the “one size fits all government regulation approach” that the DFL has subscribed to heavily in Minnesota as Sen. Matthews observes, stating that he will continue to fight to defend the freedom of families in Minnesota.

In the wake of the Essentia Health firings in 2017, Minnesota Lawmakers seek to protect adult’s rights to determine their own healthcare in the workplace:

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