We always hear the objection or perhaps even thought this ourselves:

“But I was vaccinated and I’m fine!”

But…. did you realize that you most certainly were NOT vaccinated like today’s children are? I know I personally only received 17 doses in 8 childhood vaccines- 5 injections and 3 oral polio. If you’re older than 35, you received even less. Today’s children, however, if vaccinated according to the CDC schedule receive 70+ doses via 50+ injections and 3 oral doses. 

17 vs. 70+ doses.
5 vs. 50+ injections.


And there are 609 more going through the approval processes. Not to sit pretty on pharmacy shelves but with the hope so some day be added to the schedule.

Through all our “medical advancement” there has never, ever, been a study on the cumulative effects of this schedule. Why is that? Why ‘s that acceptable? 

Look around us. 

1 in 2 children are treated for a chronic health condition:

1 in 13 have allergies:

1 in 10 have asthma:

1 in 6 have a developmental delay:

Autism rates are through the roof- 1:42 Minnesota children, 1:25 boys, 1:26 Somalis. All children counted are now 12 years old. This is still very old data.

1 in 20 children have seizures –

Over 15,000 children a year are diagnosed with cancer and 40,000 receive cancer treatments-

Our kids are not fine, it’s time we did something about it.